I first consciously came in contact with metal when I was a young child and would never let a broken piece of jewelry go to waste.  Not owning any tools, I would wrestle it with my hands, teeth, and mouth until it was once a unified wearable piece again.

I first came in contact with nature before I took human form, but realized the ethereal connection wE OBTAIN to it very early on after I was born. As a young child I would run barefoot through the forest and waters, talking to the trees and the sky, believing that was how life was always truly supposed to be.

It wasn't until I started to make my own original work in metal, that I SIMULTANEOUSLY began to WITNESS the underlying elements that are embedded within natural existences, THE LIFE FORCE WITHIN THEM and the raw beauty of IMPERFECTION. SInce CHildhood, NOTHING HAD EVER COMFORTED OR INTRIGUED ME IN A DEEPER WAY.

All of this is embodied in the HANDMADE FINE JEWELRY I FORM in MY STUDIO IN Buffalo, NY. A Place I ventured to In Order to OBtaIN My Bachelors DegREE IN METAL AND JEWELRY DESIGN, AND HAVE SINCE REMAINED. 

Each piece I make is created using the ANCIENT craft of GOLD and silversmithing from ETHICALLY SOURCED, recycled precious metals, conflict free gemstones, and is BLESSED WITH LIGHT, THROUGH LOVING intention. I believe in the sacred connection that takes place through items that are made by the human hand and then exchanged.  I believe in the ancient wisdom metal obtains as it becomes reformed through time and space.